Partners Program

Making Money is Super Simple

Affiliate Commission Tiers

Monthly Sales Commission
Upto 50,000 10%
Upto 1,00,000 15%
Upto 1,00,000 + 20%

White Label Dedicated Server Application

Create Your Customer

This feature allows you to create/delete/edit your customers.you can enable/disable their account.You can reset their password or edit their info

Track Your Customer Subscribtions

This feature allows you to monitor the details of your customers' subscription. You can approve the payment, enable or disable a subscription. You can also create new subsciptions for your existing customers

Create Your Custom Plans

This feature allows you to create/edit a service plan (or service package) which will be available for your customers to subscribe to. Service plans represent a particular business offer. It defines the allocation of your resources, such as how much sending/list/subscriber/campaign... credits, and other features are offered to your customer

Add Your Own Sending Servers

This feature allows you to add a sending server which will actually send out your campaign emails. You can configure a standard SMTP connection or connect to a 3rd services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, SparkPost... You can also take advantage of the the hosting server's email capability by creating a "PHP Mail" or "Sendmail" sending server

Add Your Own Email Verification Servers

This feature allows you to connect to 3rd email verification services/servers. After adding the verification services/servers, you can go to the Mail List's setting page to manage verification processes

Dedicated Application Pricing

Monthly Sending Limit Daily Sending Limit Storage Subscibers Limit Cost /month Dedicated Ip /month
3,00,000 10,000 20 GB Unlimited ₹ 7000 /- Yes
4,50,000 15,000 30 GB Unlimited ₹ 9000 /- Yes
7,50,000 25,000 40 GB Unlimited ₹ 15,000 /- Yes
15,00,000 50,000 50 GB Unlimited ₹ 25,000 /- Yes

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